Sunday, November 21, 2010

Plants in Sinharaja Rain Forest

Insect Trapper-Neppenthes distillatoria.
The"Pitcher Plant" locally known as BANDURA,
Family Nepenthaceae is a creeper on shrubs and treelets.The leaf tip modified to from an elongated sac (a pitcher) filled with a liquid which traps insects to be digested by the plant.The thickened stem of the plant is used for tying, in the construction of wattle and daub houses and ladders by the construction of wattle and daub houses and ladders by the natives.Usually grow along forest margins and disturbed sites.

GIANT-Shorea trapezifolia Family Dipterocarpaceae-locally known as THINIYA DUN. Another endemic tree to the island, towers over 30 to 40 meters, branching at very high level in the bole, with a spherical crown. Leaves of moderate size with drip-tip.This is a prominent species in the forest,grows throughout the year and flowers and fruits almost every year.

A rare orchid, locally known as Wesak (Dendrobium macarthiae) found in Sinharaja Rain Forest.It is an ephyphite with purple flowers.The flowering season is mostly in May,coinciding with the Wesak season celebrated by Buddhist.


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